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Comparison and Analysis of Three Installation Methods of Crusher and Their Advantages and Disadvantages

The installation of the crusher is one of the design priorities of the mobile crushing plant. Reasonable installation form can effectively suppress vibration transmission, reduce sound and noise, and at the same time effectively improve the service life of electrical components, power units, etc. Reasonable installation form is very important to the service life and performance of the crusher.
The crusher needs to withstand great impact during operation. The occurrence of the bolt loosening problem is related to the structural design of the mechanical equipment. Whether it can absorb or buffer the dynamic load directly determines the performance of the bolt. If the structural design cannot be optimized, steel spacers can be added to improve the impact resistance of the bolts. This solution is to lengthen the bolt to increase the total elastic deformation, and use the deformation to offset the load impact to ensure the pre-tightening force and prevent the bolt from loosening.
Due to the small bonding force between rubber and steel plate, this shock absorber is only allowed to withstand axial pressure and small radial shear force. The crusher will produce large impact and vibration when working, so the crusher generally adopts belt drive for buffering and energy absorption. In order to ensure that the drive belt has sufficient preload, prevent the belt from derailing and fly out, and prevent the shock absorber from being damaged due to radial overload, the radial displacement of the shock absorber must be limited, so it is necessary to increase the preload force of the crusher drive belt in the direction of The mechanical locking mechanism (as shown in Figure 4) uses the screw to limit the displacement of the crusher in this direction.
The frame of the mobile crushing station is generally a welded component, which is deformed under the influence of welding stress. It is difficult to guarantee the geometric tolerance of its installation surface, even with the assistance of welding tooling. The solution of adding rubber shock absorbers cannot Solve the assembly stress caused by structural out-of-tolerance. In order to meet the actual use requirements, the current mainstream solutions of major manufacturers are to improve the technical requirements and strengthen the process control of the installation location. However, due to the high cost and poor stability, the effect is not ideal. However, the solution of “rubber shock absorber + cylinder leveling” can perfectly solve this problem. However, due to the addition of components such as oil cylinders and pipelines, the economy is poor.

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